Following a 12-year consumer career notching up awards and commercial successes on leading brands including Cadbury, Bayer Aspirin, top selling wines and leading sporting events, Annemarie left her native South Africa and embraced the UK’s overcast days!

She immersed herself in retail communications focusing on Trade campaigns for Stella Artois, Beck's, Brahma and Leffe before moving into the specialist foodservice arena to work with leading delivered wholesaler, 3663 as well as Mission Foods and Premier Foods. Annemarie is focused on delivering commercially shrewd results and enjoys nothing more than helping clients who are faced with difficult trading environments.

She is known for her outgoing, energetic and sunny disposition and spends her time discovering underground and unusual movie venues. She also feeds her chocolate addiction, shops for the next pair of gorgeous shoes, plans outings with her antipodean housemates and loves travelling the world.

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Grumpy Cat, films, shoes, snow bells, niece, friends, music, great food, hot dogs, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate …