Ironman Challenge!

Ironman Challenge!


As part of our January fitness drive and commitment to ‘wellbeing in the workplace’, we’ve set our teams their biggest challenge yet.  For those who want to take part, five teams will compete against each other, covering the equivalent distance of 30+ ironman races (swim, bike, run), which equates to 7,455k or 4,659 miles in old money.

We’ve brought the gym to the office with Watt bikes and Treadmills,  and to keep the spirit of competition alive, our Leader Board constantly tracks real-time performance.  Team names include Perky Blinders, What’s That In Miles, Legs Miserables, The Underdogs and the aptly named Must Tri Harder.

A big thanks to our Certified Ironman Coach, Mick Cronin, who has competed in three Ironman endurance races – each one covering 3.8k swim followed by 180k bike and finishing off with a mere 42k Marathon.

The winning team will not only revel in the glory but will receive an ‘Apprentice’ style experience-based prize.

The competition has already become fierce and we’ve been bowled over … by literally the extra mile everyone is going in the bid for success.  Good luck to all.