‘Reach-in-Retail’ and ‘Subconscious Commerce’

‘Reach-in-Retail’ and ‘Subconscious Commerce’


Yesterday we attended one of the most hotly anticipated trend forecasting events of the calendar – The Future Laboratory’s ‘Morality Recoded’ foray into the future.

The event was attended by over 400 of the world’s leading brands. The ‘Post Growth Society’ macro trend looked at how the world is moving away from a capitalist, hedonistic one, to one revolved around human welfare, empathy and happiness where materialistic purchases are replaced with meaningful transactions … think what makes a ‘healthy nation’ as opposed to a ‘wealthy nation’.‘Subconsious Commerce’ took a dive into the future of retail now that we don’t ‘go shopping’, but shop everywhere – all the time.

Consumer desire for hyper convenience only continues to accelerate as brands reach unprecedented levels of influence (think Amazon/Alexa now being a confessor, provider, entertainer, educator).‘Reach-in retail’ will see iterations of the ice cream van, selling anything from trainers to frozen food direct to the consumer and delivery/taxi drivers will sell beauty and snacks direct from their cabs in the new ‘convenience culture’ … watch out too for self driving mobile vending machines, whilst ‘Networked Living’ will see consumers interact 4,800 times a day with connected devices by 2025.

All rich insight to get brands rethinking how they react to, and evolve with, these trends to maintain relevance.