Years to build, seconds to destroy, reputation has never been so vital

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Owned by stakeholders and not the brand, reputation always has to be earned

Owned by stakeholders and not the brand, reputation always has to be earned

In a turbulent world where trust is low and uncertainty high, our team of corporate heavyweights help clients protect, advance and restore their reputation. Audits, stakeholder engagement, corporate profiling and thought leadership combine to ensure our clients lead the most important conversations. Our crisis & issues offering, ‘PRIMED’, includes risk mitigation, crisis management & real-time hotlines, digital crisis simulations and media training run by broadcast veterans in our on-site studio. Our ‘Halo’ awards & accreditations service also helps clients win powerful accolades to protect and enhance their reputation.


 Corporate reputation 

We work with clients from the initial narrative and messaging development through to executing engaging corporate campaigns that will reach their business audience.


Thought leadership

Thought leadership is for brands who are ready to lead within their industry. We’re experienced in partnering with our clients to identify their strongest spokespeople to cover the key topics for the business.


Crisis and Issues 

A PR crisis can happen to any brand. Partnering with Cirkle means you can rest assured as our team are seasoned professionals who know when it’s appropriate to speak up and when it’s best not to. We’ll advise and support you every step of the way. 


Media Training 

Media training is key to representing your brand well, and being able to manage the unpredictable nature of interviews is crucial – be it TV, print or radio. Cirkle works with an external trainer who brings over 20 years of experience in journalism including print, digital and broadcast. 


Awards and Accreditations 

The Cirkle team have won over 60 awards for our clients over the past decade, including Marketing Society Awards, FDF Awards, IGD Awards, The Grocer Gold Awards, Drum Awards, CIM Marketing Excellence Awards.


Building an employer brand 

In brand-building it’s just as important to be aware of perceptions from inside the company, as well as impressions from outside. We complete an audit of owned and earned channels to understand where your brand is situated in these perceptions and provide a strategic recommendation on how to adapt.


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