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Award Winning Integrated Comms

Award Winning Integrated Comms

PR and social media are intrinsically integrated through all our client communication programmes. We are translators and strategists for our clients ensuring they are seen on the right marketing channels, by the right people, at the right time, with the right messages – driving engagement and advocacy.

Social Strategy

Social Strategy

No digital strategy is complete without a solid social media approach. A fast-moving and notoriously unpredictable medium, knowing how to harness the power of social can make all the difference in launching new brands, transforming them, or expanding audience reach.


Relevance and visibility are everything on social, so we’ll work with you to be in the right place at the right time with your target audience. Discover how to best drive conversation, shift perceptions or influence behaviour across various social platforms. Need help with your brand positioning? Our team are experts in supporting clients in gaining clarity in platform purpose and brand posture in order to boost engagement and reactive thinking.


PR & social media are intrinsically integrated through all our client communication programmes. Well versed in social insights, conversations and brand truths, we’ll work with you to create a social playbook and outline the parameters for channels to operate within.

Influencer Engagement & Outreach

Influencer Engagement & Outreach

Consumer attitudes and expectations are changing. As Gen Z grow into young adults, they desire personable and valuable brand experiences. Influencers can be an extremely persuasive tool in creating authentic engagement, as well as forging trust and cultivating brand loyalty. With so much content flooding the market, using an influencer can be a great way to differentiate your brand from the pack. This powerful alternative to traditional advertising can help in reaching your target audience in a way that truly connects and convinces.


We provide:

• A one-stop-shop for running influencer campaigns, we’ll provide research into key audiences and relevant statistics that will allow you to identify the true impact of your campaign and the make up of followers attracted.

• Influencer recommendations, contract negotiations and management, briefing and support Ongoing influencer relationship management on behalf of brands

• Full management of gifting and bespoke send-outs Campaign reporting and KPI tracking


Content Creation

Content Creation

As the digital world has evolved, so has PR. Publicists are now shaping the content that’s created online, with the best PR agencies creating and placing the stories worth telling.


Working with Cirkle, our clients benefit from:


• Monthly and quarterly content planning

• A live content calendar management program that gives our clients full access and complete transparency.

• Content created with platform functionality and user experience in mind

• Copywriting services

• Swift but skilful creation of reactive content; meaning you’ll always be on the pulse of what’s happening online and in the right places to respond

• Hi-quality asset creation – photography, graphic design, animation, stop motion and video.


Having your content created directly by a PR agency allows access to all the well-cultivated connections and well-established relations we hold with editors, journalists and influencers. Combining PR with content right from inception gives you the edge over competitors in a cluttered media landscape.

Community Management

Community Management

Community Managers wear a number of hats. As internal brand ambassadors, they can inspire grassroots-level engagement by reaching out to customers and potential customers on an individual basis that feels more friendly and personal.


As reputation managers, they give brands the opportunity to catch negative comments and resolve the issue before it spirals into a viral moment they’d rather forget. And as credibility boosters the larger their own following, the more people see them shout positively about a brand.


Working with Cirkle, our clients benefit from:


• Daily check-ins on all content

• Management built around generating positive conversation and engagement

• A triaging of complaints, queries and concerns for the relevant client partners

• Management of a live FAQ doc to ensure efficiency and a smoother user experience

• Reporting on insights and learnings from comms management – including shifts in sentiment, patterns in behaviour/commentary and trending topics to consider for future content

Social Listening & Reactive Content

Social Listening & Reactive Content

Social media is buzzing 24/7 and in order to have your content noticed, the best thing you can do is listen. Whether it’s following industry influencers, being a member of relevant Facebook groups, or tracking trending topics, we know where to be and what to monitor so our clients have fresh, necessary intel on what makes a splash. And not only do we listen, but we move – quickly. Reactive content is the perfect opportunity to show that your brand is quick on its feet.

Working with Cirkle, our clients benefit from:


• Daily reviews of trending content formats and conversations

•  A team dedicated to finding openings for newsjacking

•  A 2-hour process for social reactive from spotting them to getting them out

•  Integrated teams ensuring opportunities for social clients are flagged regardless of traditional or online source

•  Teams available for active monitoring of reactive content

•  Social crisis monitoring and response services

Digital Integration & Website Services

Digital Integration & Website Services

As technology evolves and increasingly shapes consumer behaviour, it’s key that brands adapt and take advantage of the wealth of tools and methods that can help them not only meet potential customers in the spaces they use but boost the chances of conversion. Our team have expertise in blending creative and digital know-how to assist clients in improving visibility, as well as enhancing user experience through expertly built websites.


Digital integration allows for useful, relevant campaign data to be collected and your KPIs analysed in one central place, leading to better-informed decision making and overall business efficiency.


Working with Cirkle, our clients benefit from:


• Full-service digital support internally or via partners depending on service

• Website design and build

• Copywriting for SEO

• Development of AR/VR features and experiences

• Digitally integrated campaigns to drive online coverage and improve search rankings

• Campaign creative that is responsive to google trends and keyword priorities

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