Birds Eye

We hooked into a simple question that had divided students, parents and Waffle lovers for over 30 years ‘Can you cook Birds Eye Potato Waffles in the toaster?’

Our Twitter survey found that over 65% of consumers didn’t think it was possible so we commissioned Birds Eye’s R&D team to successfully conduct the ‘double toasting test’ on 3,000 waffles – and ended up revolutionising the way the nation cooks Potato Waffles.

We pushed the news out to broadcast media, influencers and online & print media. Chris Moyles raved about it on Radio X; ITV’s Eamonn Holmes ran a 6 minute ‘breaking culinary news’ segway with a live toasting on This Morning; LadBible called it a ‘game changer’ and national media including The Daily Mail, The Sun, Metro and The Mirror raved about it. All proving a simple idea can be made newsworthy and generate a spike in sales.


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