Just For Men

Taking the grooming brand from ‘Dad’ to ‘Lad’, our ongoing ‘Mantime’ reappraisal campaign drove relevance and elevated the brand’s personality amongst influencers and consumers.

Campaign included ‘Mantenance’ Reports and a series of credible partnerships with Brick Lane Barbers ‘Jack the Clipper’ – harnessing their advocacy to create authentic film and photo assets – pushed out across social. Media partnerships included Absolute Radio and Shortlist which saw influencers and consumers embark on a series of ‘Manscursions’ as well as interactive ‘Barber Boxes’ at the brand’s inaugural NFL sponsorship. 

"Results included blanket national newspaper coverage, positive sentiment and advocacy across Twitter."



Uplift in Twitter followers


Cost per 1,000 consumers reached (versus £6k industry average)


Client planning global roll out of our comms platform


Social media engagement rates, versus 2% industry average