Pride of Cirkle

16th April

We’re extremely proud to sponsor this year’s Pride of Bucks ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ category - aimed at companies that promote healthy living.

Spied by our beauty team at the Spring/Summer 2014 catwalk shows, the crop top is set to be the next big thing as soon as the sun gets a shift on. Here's how we're educating dedicated followers of fashion to get a Slendertone bod.

Not only did our Junior Account Exec, Jess, win the National Apprenticeship Awards last year when she was our Apprentice, but her influential ‘Beauty and the Beagle’ Blog has seen her be invited by none other than John Lewis to review their shiny new beauty & fashion emporium.

Client satisfaction and feedback have always been fundamental to our best practice - and this week has seen us commission leading independent researchers Question & Retain to evolve this crucial initiative.

R U Hank Marvin?

25th March

Talk about life imitating art, as our teams amplified the latest Mattessons’ ‘Hank Marvin’ TV ad campaign by bringing it to life to invade the streets of London. The ad is an evolution of last year’s male ‘Hank Marvin’ creative, and introduces female ‘Hanks’ in the guise of ‘Miss Marvins’.