All of the drama, but none of it IN the cinema

All of the drama, but none of it IN the cinema


By Annemarie Penderis
Managing Partner – Corporate reputation & B2B at Cirkle

Tonight, instead of slipping into a comfy chair at the cinema, I took one of the most beloved cards out of my purse and bid farewell to Cineworld. I was a loyal follower for 11 incredible years, filled with highs (great movies) and lows (bad service and lack of proper training).

The news earlier this week was sad, but not completely unexpected. What has proven shocking – and one of the key reasons why I’ve cut up my card and cancelled the membership – is the alleged treatment of its employees. It’s been widely reported that a number of staff found out about the indefinite closure through social media.

These are extremely trying times for a number of businesses, who have lost their incomes due to government guidelines, but I do find it astounding that Cineworld hasn’t done more to set the record straight.

I still don’t know if it’s true, because I couldn’t find any statements to refute the claims. No updates to earlier reported stories with the company’s position.

Earlier this year a global report claimed that executives believed, on average, that 63% of their company’s market value could be directly attributed to their company’s overall reputation.

During the pandemic, this has become even more critical and if the allegations prove correct, I believe there are a number of people who will follow suit and abandon their relationship with Cineworld.

Businesses simply can’t afford to put their reputation at risk during this pandemic.